The Fall-en

Come dance, come play, come join the leaves, 
Caught upon the Autumn breeze, 
Spinning round, cartwheels abound, 
Dancing the Autumn Waltz. 

Searching Squirrels take to the floor 
Collecting nuts for winter-store, 
Bobbing their tails, climbing with ease, 
Dancing their Autumn Waltz. 

Birds on the wing travel by in the sky 
O'er land and sea, down south they fly, 
Swooping and soaring in formation, 
Leaving our Autumn Waltz. 

Such colourful beauty this season beholds 
Shades of green, brown, red and gold, 
Freshness in the morning air, 
This is our Autumn Waltz. 

Kevin Bole "Autumn Waltz"

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